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From the time his dad took him to his first parade,
Moyes Lucas Jr fell in love with the drums.  His father,
a part-time drummer and sax player himself, introduced
his son to the talents and sounds of jazz greats like
Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakely, and
The Heath Brothers. 

Growing up he appreciated several musical styles and
grew intrigued with the sounds of the band Chicago;
especially the integration of the horns. He played their
music continually, using anything he could to simulate
a drum set.  Understanding that he needed a real drum
set to improve his own talents, he got a paper-route,
repaired lawnmowers and eventually saved up the $300
he needed to buy his first set of drums: a used Ludwig
Drum set, complete with cymbals.

Ironically, it was at a “Chicago” concert that Moyes heard a pre-show tape with a new sound that fascinated him; a captivating funk beat that impressed him so much that he couldn’t think of anything else. The very next day he went to the music store, described what he had heard, and discovered musician Herbie Handcock and drummer Harvey Mason. It’s no understatement to say that Mason, as well as other innovative artists like Billy Cobham, had a profound influence on Moyes and his musical style.  With his interest in Jazz rekindled, his new found musical style could be described as a fresh, new, ever-evolving, progressive funk/jazz.  Due to his ability to sight-read music (something most rock players can’t do), Moyes found plenty of studio work; mainly through word-of-mouth. 

Moyes attended Western Washington University where Jazz Department Director Bill Cole became another huge influence.  He earned money playing in local jazz taverns and doing studio work.  After college he moved to Seattle.  By this time his musical style included rock.  He worked with Dave Peterson in a band called “Solitaire;” similar in style to Pat Metheny, but was a top Seattle band before the Metheny sound became so popular.

He went on to work on musical projects with artists such as Steve Perry, which remains one of his favorite memories because of their chemistry to play "pure, live music.”  Today Moyes lives in the Los Angeles area and continues to work and tour with many talented artists.
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